Alakestilä Arboretum

In Alakestilä arboretum you can relax, have a picnic or do fishing, photography, painting or yoga. The park uses a free-of-charge voice guide service GLOPAS downloadable to your phone for getting to know the history, trees and bushes of the area. Besides domestic species, the park has some foreign rarities.

Kunnallisneuvos (Finnish honorary title) Kalle Arvola and his wife Katri started planting trees in the Alakestilä estate grounds as early as the 1930s. The arboretum has spread on an area of roughly three hectares, and is located by the Liminganjoki river a couple of kilometres from Liminka centre. The arboretum pavilion is available for rent to companies, associations and other parties for recreational use. The pavilion is well suited for example as a small outdoor theatre and as venue for small events.


Värminkoskentie 20, 91900 Liminka


+358 (0)44 4973 685


Every day 8-20

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