Mountainbike routes – Fatbike route

STARTING POINT: The parking place in the Rantakylä recreation area or Liminka Bay Visitor Centre 
ADDRESS: Monttutie 6, 91900 Liminka (Rantakylä) or Rantakurvi 6, 91900 Liminka (Visitor Centre)

ROUTE MARKS: at crossings, reflective red base with white arrows on separate pole; in other places, reflective red square on separate pole or tree trunk.

Summer route:

Winter route:

ROUTE INFORMATION: The fatbike route consists mainly of natural forest path and partly of narrow old or wider new forest car road marked in the terrain. The forest path parts have not been constructed or repaired, except for possible bridges, and do not have regular maintenance. In the forest path parts, there are natural rough spots and challenges due to terrain shapes such as sand, rocks, tree roots and possibly very wet spots on the ground. Route goers travel under natural conditions and on nature’s terms – remember your own responsibility! Be prepared and equipped for changes in the conditions due to the time of year and weather.


SUITABILITY AND LEVEL OF THE ROUTE:: The route is partly quite technical and soft, best suited for fatbikes with over 3’’ tyre width. The route as a whole is not particularly well suited for walking or trailrunning. Not suitable for regular bikes. The route is not accessible. The route also serves as winter route marked with “W” and directional arrow at the places where it deviates from the red summer route.

Due to its softness and rockiness at some places, the route is advanced and requires off-road skills as well as a relatively good physical condition. The route also has several plank bridges that may be slippery depending on the weather.

In early winter and early spring, the icecaps on ditches are thin due to streaming water. Even in mid-winter, the icecaps may become slushy on temperate weather, so cross ditches with caution and use bridges wherever available.

The bikers’ riding skills, proactive riding and moderate appropriate speed are important for both their own and others’ safety. Remember to wear helmet and cycling glasses!

INSTRUCTIONS FOR PATHGOERS: We hike without trashing. The path is all of ours. Enjoy nature and sports, and let others enjoy too! Report vandalism and give feedback.

The route is especially planned for fatbikes with thick tyres. The level of difficulty of the route depends of the wetness of the ground.

The route starts at the parking place of Rantakylä at the address Monttutie 4, , where you can find signs and guidance to the route. The route first runs towards Rantakylä cemetery and turns right before the cemetery fence. Here the route rises to a gentle uphill and arrives at a dog swimming place, continuing via a sandy part to Eeronmäki lean-to shelter.

A narrower path starts at the shelter and continues till Kurrantie and from there about 100 m to where the signs direct, soon turning right to a narrow needle-leaf path. The route goes round to return at Kurrantie and continues diagonally, crossing the road to the right.

Next there is a rocky uphill and short descend, after which a short and narrow needle-leaf path to arrive at a “bus stop” (old bus waiting shelter in the middle of the forest).

The route after the shelter is partly a narrow path and old forest car road till arriving near Torikka lake, where there is a sign to turn left from the old forest car road. This is the starting point of one of the technical parts of the route that requires good bike handling skills and balance.

The technical part starts with a path through a magnificent pine forest, descending to a small pine mire and again, after a short pine forest part, to the first bridge. After the bridge the path becomes more challenging with rootstocks, tree stumps, moss-coated rocks etc. The path becomes slightly easier after crossing a narrow forest path, and arrives via five bridges to an old cutting area and continues ascending by the edge of the cutting area on narrow but rideable duckboards till Aarnikangas lean-to shelter.

From there the route continues alongside the old cutting area until arriving at the forest border, where some of the path becomes softer and more technical again.

Soon it arrives at an old hunting cabin that is in private use. Any open fire is strictly forbidden in the cabin and its surroundings, and it is also not advisable to enter the cabin, even if the door is not locked.

After the cabin the path is quite rocky for a while but improves soon, then arriving at a campfire shelter where you can cook any sausages remaining after the previous fireplace stop.

The route from the shelter is a good and fast path for about 2 km, until crossing two consecutive bridges and turning left first and soon right again. This is the starting point of the softest part of the route, quite demanding for other than fatbikes and requiring good physique and technical skills to avoid foot touches.

After the swamp under the line, there is a harder path and forest car road again until turning right into the forest as the sign shows. This is the starting point of another technical part that goes on for about 600 m. The remainder of the route is easier but there is still one softer place.

This route contains 21 bridges crossing ditches and three lean-to shelters as well as an old canvas shelter used by scouts.

A biker with advanced technical skills and good physique can pass this route even with traditional mountainbikes, but it is best suited for thick-tyre fatbikes.
To finish the route, reasonable physical condition is required of the biker, and quite good technical skills are needed if one wants to clear the path without the feet touching the ground. The route consists partly of soft sand soil, soft swamp terrain, rocky ground and narrow bridges.

The route becomes more demanding in autumn with frozen ground or thin layer of snow on the ground since this makes the rocks and rootstocks slippery, and deep tyre marks can freeze on the swampy terrain, forming deep icy grooves that make it challenging to stay on track. In addition, it is hard to notice all roughness in the terrain under the scarce soft snow of early winter. Bridges become slippery and challenging in early winter, too.

The route also serves as a winter route and is maintained by levelling with snowmobiles throughout the winter. The route is considerably easier during winter with heavy snow.


Rantakurvi 6, 91900 Liminka


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