Mountainbike routes – General information

Rantakylä recreation area offers great mountainbiking tracks!

In the Rantakylä area at Liminka there are several varied-level routes for mountainbikers, where you can choose the best suited one for your skill or fitness level or even a combination of routes. The routes have been marked with reflective colour codes and arrow signs. Starting point for the routes is at Rantakylä recreation area, Monttutie 14, 91900 Liminka. If you don’t have your own mountainbike or fatbike and you are interested in bike rental, don’t hesitate to contact Liminka Bay Visitor Centre! The easiest starting and finishing point for rental bikes is at the Visitor Centre.

Learn more about the routes from Paikkatietoikkuna.

The arrow signs are mainly situated at crossing points of the paths, and they also show the recommended going direction. This is due to the fact that some of the paths are narrow, curvy and quite fast in one of the directions, increasing the risk of accidents if there is traffic going both ways. In addition, there will be no sense of overcrowding at rush hours, when everyone takes the route/s to the same direction. Some of the routes are bidirectional for practical reasons, but these parts have wider paths and good visibility. Reflective coloured squares on poles or trees along the routes mean the route should be followed straight ahead. Arrowhead to the left or right means you should turn to the direction pointed by the arrow at nearest crossing.

Please note that the route creators or upkeepers are not liable for any damages to persons or equipment, but all routegoers on marked mountainbiking routes in the Liminka, Lumijoki or Siikajoki municipality areas do so at their own risk. Permission for marking the routes has been given by the land-owners, but this does not grant any additional rights to the routegoers who should observe everyman’s rights on the routes.

The marked routes run mostly on the grounds of private land-owners who have kindly given permission to mark the routes on their lands. Thus we should adhere to strict cleanliness and the least possible trouble for the land-owners, land use and nature when moving on the routes. There is also no harm in saying hello to fellow routegoers.

Let it also be noted that all routes marked for mountainbiking are naturally at the disposal of hikers and trailrunners too due to everyman’s rights, meaning that smart bikers will give way to them as needed. It is also advisable to make noise and slow down when there is a pedestrian ahead going to the same direction, so that they can hear you are coming from behind instead of being frightened as you whiz by them at touching distance.

Be cautious as the narrow wood bridges along the routes can get slippery during rain and cold.

OBS! You can get more power and variety to your hiking trips by combining different routes. For example start with the red route, continue with yellow or blue and finally turn to the red one again at Aarnikangas lean-to shelter, this takes 2 to 3 hours. There are signs how to get to the red route from both directions at Aarnikangas lean-to shelter.

All routes have been marked with reflective route signs according to the recommended going direction, so the route signs may not be visible as planned if you go against that direction. It is therefore advisable to adhere to the recommended directions for your own safety.

All routes always have directional arrows or route signs for turning at crossings. If there is no such sign, do not deviate to crossing paths! With the exception of the possibility that the sign or arrow has been stolen or destroyed.


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