Mountainbike routes – Pitkä Joutsenreitti (“Long Swan Route”)

STARTING POINTS: Parking place in the Rantakylä recreation area at Liminka, Liminka Bay Visitor Centre, Viinavuori at Lumijoki or Siikajoenkylä centre.


ADDRESS IN LIMINKA: Rantakylä, Monttutie 4, 91900 Liminka or Luontokeskus, Rantakurvi 6, 91900 Liminka
ADDRESS IN LUMIJOKI: Viinavuorentie 170, 91980 Lumijoki
ADDRESS IN SIIKAJOENKYLÄ: Mutkatie 1, 92320 Siikajoki

ROUTE LENGTH: appr. 83 km

OTHER INFORMATION: If you are interested in the sights and history of the municipalities along the route, it is worthwhile to seek some information beforehand and choose which sites you might wish to see. Liminka, Lumijoki and Siikajoki all have so much history to share that one or two days is not enough. Parts of the route itself also goes along historical routes or close to them.

ROUTE MARKS: At crossings, reflective blue base with white arrows on separate pole; in other places, reflective blue square on separate pole or tree trunk. Some of the route marks are non-reflective and may be placed on e.g. big rocks by the roadside or tree trunks.

ROUTE INFORMATION: Pitkä Joutsenreitti (“Long Swan Route”) consists partly of natural forest path and partly of older or wider new forest car road marked in the terrain. The forest path parts have not been constructed or repaired, except for possible bridges, and do not have regular maintenance. In these parts, there are natural rough spots and challenges due to terrain shapes such as sand, rocks, tree roots and possibly wet or soft spots on the ground. Route goers travel under natural conditions and on nature’s terms – remember your own responsibility! Be prepared and equipped for changes in the conditions due to the time of year and weather.

SUITABILITY AND LEVEL OF THE ROUTE: In addition to mountainbiking, the route is also suitable for e.g. walking and trailrunning. The route is not suitable for regular bikes, except on some of the forest car road parts. The route is not accessible. In winter, parts of the route at the Liminka end are maintained as skiing tracks.

The path is not too difficult for mountainbikes, but does require mountainbiking skills at some parts. In the Lumijoki and Siikajoki areas, the route runs on sand-based heathland, making parts of the route soft sand soil that is best suited for fatbiking. The bikers’ riding skills, proactive riding and moderate appropriate speed are important for both their own and others’ safety. Remember to wear helmet and cycling glasses! On foot, normal physical condition and basic skills of hiking in the nature are sufficient.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR PATHGOERS: We hike without trashing. The path is all of ours. Enjoy nature and sports, and let others enjoy too! Report vandalism and give feedback.

ROUTE DESCRIPTION Liminka – Lumijoki – Siikajoenkylä

Pitkä Joutsenreitti with a round trip distance of about 83 km between Rantakylä – Sallisentie – Rantakylä. If you choose to also visit Varessäikkä, the route distance will be almost 100 km.

The route is suitable for all types of off-road bicycles, and it has been designed for mountainbiking as well. However, some parts of the route may be more challenging to less experienced off-road bikers depending on their equipment, and are best suited for fatbiking (soft sand soil), but this can usually be solved by pushing the bike for a reasonably short distance.

The route starts at the parking place of Rantakylä in Liminka at the address Monttutie 4, where you can find signs and guidance to the route. The route starts as easy needle-leaf paths for about 2 kilometres and then arrives at a crossing of several forest roads, where it continues straight ahead as indicated by signs on an old forest car road base. At this crossing, yellow and red route also combine with blue route and these go together for about three kilometres. Near the Torikanjärvi lake, there are two brooks on the path. The first one you can just cross in the middle. The second brook that is close by has a bridge. A small distance after the bridge there is guidance to the fatbike route (red). After the narrow needle-leaf path along Torikanjärvi, there is a third brook that can easily be crossed on the right side. Both of the brooks that can be crossed have solid floor, so there is no danger of tires getting sunk or stuck in mud.

After the last brook crossing, the route arrives at an old highway – the old Liminka–Lumijoki highway with sand soil – and soon turns left on a wide track that soon becomes a narrow needle-leaf path and continues as such until an old shooting range.

After the shooting range, there is a descend and subsequent ascend, then yellow route divides to the left while blue route continues straight ahead along a wide gravel road for about 200 m, after which it turns left on a gentle uphill but soon becomes a curvy needle-leaf path again.

Following route marks, you will soon see a narrow electric line where the path turns left under the electric line. There are two bridges crossing ditches, after which the path is quite rough and may require less experienced bikers to push the bike. The bridges are old quay ramps and they can be rather bouncy due to the cross bars.

The path goes under the line at a gentle ascend, turns slightly to the right and soon arrives at Sallisentie in Lumijoki. A little before that there is a T crossing on the path, where you can choose whether you want to turn left and return the shortest route to Rantakylä in Liminka or turn right towards Lumijoki centre and Siikajoki. Both choices start at Sallisentie and continue according to roadsigns along Sallisentie. Before Lumijoki centre, one can refresh on warm summer days at Viinavuori swimming place. On sunny summer days, they also have a kiosk.

From Viinavuori in Lumijoki, the route continues along suburban road to Ukuranperäntie, turns left according to roadsigns, and soon turns right again into the forest. The path is wide and easy to cycle, going through a low-density pine forest.

– As you turn right on Ukuranperäntie, at 1.5 km distance you can find Lumijoki centre with shop, pizzeria, library etc. The pizzeria also serves coffee.-

Finally the path arrives right by Ylipääntie, but turns left before reaching it and continues for about one kilometre more off-road before arriving at Ylipääntie again; before this, there is a guide map.

The route goes on a highway again for a short distance, but soon turns to a narrower gravel road and crosses a bridge over the Lumijoki river, passes through a farm and arrives at a narrow field road. The environment is pleasant, traditional countryside landscape.

Soon after this, the landscape changes as the route turns left towards the west. First the terrain is a crushed stone-coated road in fairly good condition, well densified and easy to ride on. Then the road gets wider for a while, and you may see an occasional gravel truck passing through.

After 500 metres, the road changes into a forest path again, with the border of Lumijoki and Siikajoki municipalities at where the path turns left and almost immediately to the right.
Now the route is on a path again but soon enters a wider forest car road, going along it for about 1.5 kilometres.

After the forest car road, the route continues on easy paths through Natura swamps by the nature reserves. The landscape now becomes a magnificent pine forest partly covered in lichen. After the nature reserves, the path slowly becomes more sandy and goes for about a kilometre on very soft sand, which is best managed by fatbiking or pushing, at about 1.5 km before it crosses the Lumijoki-Siikajoki highway. (Before the sandy part starts, there is guidance to a detour suitable for narrow-tyre bikes. The detour goes partly on asphalt road and is about 200 m longer.)

After the highway crossing, the route is partly normal forest path/forest car road and is easy to ride until Niitynmaantie that goes to Karinkanta. From Niitynmaantie, the route goes according to roadsigns towards Siikajoenkylä at a distance of 4.5 km. At 1.3 kilometres before the village on the right, there is Törmälä bed & breakfast where you can ask for a cup of coffee or even lodging, if needed. At three kilometres, the route turns back towards Lumijoki and Liminka. After another 1.5 km you arrive at Siikajoki village, where you can visit a shop or the legendary restaurant Ravintola Huitsin Nevada, if it happens to be open. The local food shop also sells pharmacy products.

ROUTE DESCRIPTION Siikajoenkylä – Lumijoki – Liminka
After you arrive at Niitynmaantie, the route turns towards Siikajoki village, and about three kilometres from there it turns left, back towards Lumijoki and Liminka, as instructed by signs. There are no actual route signs on the Niitynmaantie road, except for the places where the route turns into the forest or comes out of the forest.

The route first goes along an old forest road base, and crosses the Lumijoki-Siikajoki road again. Here you must ride on the roadside for a short while to cross the Turveoja ditch. Immediately after the ditch, you can move to the narrow path along the road and ride on it until arriving at the wide gravel road towards Alhonmäki concrete station continuing to the right.

The route goes on the gravel road for about 1.5 km until it becomes a forest path again. After about two kilometres on the path, you can see an old cabin in front of you, with an old van and other wreckage in the yard. Do not go there but be sure to turn left on the track and follow route signs. The lot has inhabited buildings further ahead, and it is private property.

The route continues from here as old forest road base again, and after a few turns and sandy parts arrives at Lumilampi lean-to shelter, a nice place to cook sausages and finish off your snacks. The path continues the same way until Vartti water catchment.

The route goes on a gravel road on both sides of Vartti for a total of 2.5 km, then there is a narrower forest car road and finally forest path. The route goes partly along an old Jata route, and old route marks can be seen along with the new ones at some places.

The route continues from Vartinkangas to Välisaarenkangas, and the scenery is starting to look great. The path goes along a ridge higher than the rest of the area, and there are large swamp areas on both sides but the right side swamps have better visibility. The forests are mostly lichen-covered nicely low-density pine forests with ridges. These landscapes make it worthwhile to stop and look around for a moment. With any luck you may see a white-tailed eagle soaring over the swamp or a wood grouse sprinting to flight from the forest grounds.

There is a lean-to shelter at the end part of Välisaarenkangas, before the path turns sharply to the left. This is the end of the best scenery, and countryside landscape becomes the dominant environment after the long straight of Lintuperänsuo.

Next you arrive at Ylipääntie in Lumijoki, turning right to it as instructed by signs. The route soon turns 90 degrees left, but if you ride straight from this crossing you arrive at Eerikin Puttiikki shop that is occasionally open. You can check before the trip if there are any events going on at Eerikin Puttiikki.

The rest of the route is gravel road until Sallisenperä, where you find signs to the short Joutsenreitti and further to Rantakylä at Liminka.

After Sallisentie, the route terrain is varied but easy to ride until Rantakylä. There is also Aarnikangas lean-to shelter along the return route, where you can cook any remaining sausages. There are signs to the shelter on the forest car road passing by the shelter. The Joutsenreitti route (blue) and Torikka route (yellow) join together before the lean-to shelter and go along the same path until Rantakylä.

There are signs to the red fatbike route at the Aarninkangas lean-to shelter.


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