Rantakylä recreation area

The Rantakylä area is one of the most versatile recreation and sports areas in Finland. In addition to a beach, the area has e.g. a disc golf course, beach volley courses as well as good jogging and skiing routes. Rantakylä also offers splendid opportunities for berry picking, hunting and mushroom gathering. Hiking by a beautiful riverside is available on the Jata route that goes from Liminka along the Siikajoki river.

Services of the recreation area:

  • Swimming place with quay and jumping tower, sunbathing beach, maintenance building and changing facilities, beach volley courses.
  • An icewater swimming place in winter.
  • A 300-seat audience stand, timing tower, 2 campfire shelters for sausage cooking, skiing ground and sled hill.
  • Lit skiing/jogging tracks 8 kilometres, forest routes 5 and 8 kilometres. Connection to skiing track on the sea and Visitor Centre. Jata hiking route goes through the area.
  • Orienteering map and network of fixed checkpoints.
  • An 18-track disc golf course with map, the 1st tee is in the stadium area by the audience stand.
  • Gym equipment placed around the parking place.
  • Dog swimming place.

Mountainbike routes – Pitkä Joutsenreitti (“Long Swan Route”)

Pitkä Joutsenreitti, 83 km (Advanced)

Liminka Bay Visitor Centre

Open daily

Hotel-Restaurant Liminka Bay

Eat and sleep close to nature!

Rantakylä recreation area

A versatile recreation and sports area!

Wilderness Hotel Liminka Bay

Sleep comfortably close to nature

Visitor Centre conference packages

Conference packages for your events

ToPyhä Oy

Fatbike and mountainbike rental!

Mountainbike routes – Fatbike route

Red route, 14 km (Advanced)

Visitor Centre Sauna Cabinet

A relaxing conference facility for 10 persons

Visitor Centre auditorium

Space for 80 persons

Visitor Centre conference room

for 25 persons

Life at Liminka Bay picture presentation

A multimedia presentation at Liminka Bay Visitor Centre

Mountainbike routes – General information

Rantakylä offers great paths for mountainbikers!

Visitor Centre Glass Hall

Conference and event facility for 50 persons

Flower and animal park Escurial

Experiences for the whole family!

Visitor Centre restaurant hall

Events for up to 120 persons


Adventures for the whole family at Liisanlinna!

Land uplift nature path

Land uplift path leads you to ancient seawalls!

Cultural jogging path

Experience Liminka’s cultural sights and a bit of history!

Alakestilä Arboretum

Experience nature’s rarities at Liminka Arboretum!

Hahtikari nature path

A nature path built by Liminka middle schoolers!


Search and find Liminka’s geocaches!

Virkkula birdwatching tower

A magnificent two-storey birdwatching tower!

Hirvineva birdlake

Local nature destination in the Hirvineva area!

The eight seasons of a bird’s life

Permanent exhibition at Liminka Bay Visitor Centre

Binocular lending

Borrow binoculars at the Visitor Centre free of charge!

Greylag goose adventure

Guided tour for daycare groups

Wetland guided tour

Wetland guided tour

Exhibition guided tours

Guided tour to “The eight seasons of a bird’s life”

Birdwatching tower guided tour for school groups

Guided tour at Virkkula birdwatching tower


Monttutie 4, 91900 Liminka.


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