Liminka Bay

Liminka Bay – the most finest wetland area in Finland!

Liminka Bay is an internationally renowned, valuable environment for birds and an important resting area during migration seasons. Liminka Bay Visitor Centre offers exhibitions, guided tours and other activities for bird and nature lovers. The Visitor Centre is also home to Finland’s only Wetland Centre. The centre offers trainings and seminars and keeps a material bank of wetland-related publications.


The Visitor Centre is open:
syyskuun loppuun ma-su klo 10-18

The restaurant is open:
ma-su klo 10.00-18.00
Ryhmille tilauksesta myös muina ajankohtina.


Kung Fu Panda movie 14th Oct
Tuhkimo movie 21st Oct


Liminganlahden Ystävät ry.

Liminganlahden Ystävät ry. (the “Friends of Liminka Bay” association) aims at promoting sustainable human-nature interaction and nurturing various values of nature. The association’s actions add to the attractiveness and fame of Liminka Bay and its surroundings, promote nature tourism and recreational use of the area, and always give priority to conservational viewpoints.

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